Новые сведения об ольвийских эпонимах. New data about Olbian eponyms.

В сборнике  материалов ХІ конференции, посвященной памяти проф. П. О. Карышковского Стародавнє Причорномор’я. Випуск ХІ. Одеса. 2016 р. С. 386-392 , опубликована моя статья Новые сведения об ольвийских эпонимах.  

        Some modern data about the eponyms of Olbia are compared with the materials of the article  of  P.O. Karyshkovskij “The  eponyms of Olbia” (1978). The  catalogue of eponyms IosPE. I2. 201 contains: 105 BC—the year of Apollo (IosPE. I2. 35),  97 BC — the year of Anaximenos (IOlb. 30). The inscriptions of  Olbia with eponymous formula (IosPE. I2. 33, 35; IOlb. 30, 75) date  to the  turn of the  ΙΙ-Ι centuries BC (this is the  period of “early” Mithridates VI Eupator).  Probably, the state documents of Olbia were controlled by non-official representatives of  Mithridates –the foreigners (Stephen, the son of Alexander, the  son of Zobios).  Obviously, Mithridates had been preparing in subordinated polis  for the transition to the era of  Bosporus. The catalogue of eponyms of  Olbia IosPE. I2. 201 was stopped and fixed in stone in about 95 year BC.