My new paper: About the social-political history of Olbia 380–340 B.C. In print.

Prosopographical and historical analysis of the  magical  list  SEG 50:702,IV is based on the catalogue of  eponyms IosPE. I2. 201 (the error of  synchronization is +2 – 4 years). The list SEG 50:702,IV contains the names of the highest elite of  Olbia of the middle of 4 century BC.  Mostly  the children of the fighters against tyrannical clan are meant (about 380 BC). For instance, the list SEG 50:702,IV is the damnation to sons of fighters against the tyrant (from families the Dionysios, the Leokratids-Euresibiads-Leoprepids, the Pantakls-Kleombrots, the Nikerats, the Protogens-Girosons-Girodors, the Aristokritids-Sokratids, the Bataks). The damnation  was sent by  a part of the tyrannical clan (from the  Aristokratids), who returned to Olbia about 350–344 BC. Probably, the inscription reflects the latent (judicial) political struggle in Olbia in  the middle of  IV century BC. The information potential  of the magical inscriptions and  of the lapidary Olbian inscriptions  obviously coincides.